The Hovertrax is an electrical board, which is controlled solely by shifting body weight. It was financed on the CrowdFounding platform Kickstarter and that is how it came to the market. Currently, it is not so well known, but is becoming more popular, since it has been mentioned in many magazines and even in major TV shows. It is currently probably the smallest – or at least one of the smallest – electrical means of transportation that you can buy.


Using the Hovertrax is really easy, it takes only a few minutes, until you get the hang of it, then you can get going with the Hovertrax and have a lot of fun. The Hovertrax is controlled by shifting body weight. You stand on the board and move forward by leaning forward and doing the opposite slows you down when you shift your center of gravity backwards. In addition, some Hovertrax recuperate and gain energy during braking, so that the battery is charged again, this helps to achieve the travelling distance. This is how electric cars operate as well. Also, I’ve written an article on how you can easily learn to ride the Hovertrax.


The built-in gyro scopes (also called gyros) balance the Hovertrax by itself that means the Hovertrax is always stable underfoot and it will not tilt. Nevertheless for safety reasons a helmet is recommended, as well as appropriate protective gear, especially for beginners and children. In addition, a motor is installed per wheel, which is responsible for the steering, namely by simply taking the foot, in the direction you would like to go, from the gas and the board thereby moves controlled in the specified direction. In the article Hoverboard Functionality, you’ll find more detailed information.

Technical specifications

The Hovertrax has a built-in battery that can be charged – depending on the model – between 30 minutes to two hours via the electrical outlet at home or at work. One battery charge is good for a range of approximately 10 km to 25 km, depending on speed and the model. With the Hovertrax you can reach speeds up to 8 km/h and in some models even up to 15 km/h. You always have the board under control and it is extremely maneuverable.

Various sizes

There are now several manufacturers that offer the Hovertrax for sale. There are different sizes. The board is usually between 40 cm and 60 cm long and available with tire sizes from 5 to 10 inches, giving a width and height of 15 cm to 27 cm. Generally, the Hovertrax weighs between 7.5 kg and 12 kg. Therefore, it is easy to carry but not necessarily for longer distances, because after a while it will be too heavy. It is ultimately intended for riding.

Who should use the Hovertrax?

The Hovertrax is suitable for children over 12 years, as well as adults. You can use it for fun as well as on the job. The Hovertrax is already being used at trade shows and in major corporate buildings as a small and agile means of transportation to cover larger distances so that walking is not necessary. The Hovertrax – again varies from model to model – is suitable for a body weight of 90 kg to 120 kg.

Design and optics

The Hovertrax consists externally of two parts, one for each foot, the two wheels with one at each end of the board and a connection in the middle. It is available in various colors and depending on the model with underfloor lighting. Some vendors even send a matching tote bag for the Hovertrax to ensure easy and safe transport of the Hovertrax.

Closing remarks

The Hovertrax is fun for the entire family. It is suitable for children over 12 years, but also for adults. You can even use it at work. Beginners and especially children should wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear, even though the Hovertrax is very stable while riding. I recommend the test winner, the Hovertrax by Inventist (the founder of Hovertrax). I also recommend my Hovertrax comparison, where I describe the various Hovertrax models. Furthermore, I wish you a lot of fun with the Hovertrax!