Hovertrax experience

The Hovertrax is not cheap. That is why many do not dare to buy it, because it is still quite new to the market and there is nothing comparable. Only a few are able to test a Hovertrax and that is why I am sharing my Hovertrax experience with you!

Although Hovertrax is similar to the Segway, it is a very different driving experience. In addition, a Segway costs five times more than a Hovertrax, it is not suitable for the average consumer, on the other hand the Hovertrax is.

Highly recommended purchase

For anyone who is considering purchasing a Hovertrax, I can seriously recommend it! It’s lots of fun to ride and is a real eye-catcher. In the USA, the Hovertrax has already made a breakthrough, it is only a matter of time for Germany. One can even use the Hovertrax in everyday life as a comfortable, but still portable means of transportation. The Hovertrax can also be used on the job, it can be used as a means of transport, for example, in large corporate buildings or at trade fairs, where large distances have to be covered.


I do not know anyone who did not having fun driving the Hovertrax and I certainly don’t know anyone who was not immediately interested in the Hovertrax. This innovation must not be missed. Almost all the buyers are enthusiastic about their Hovertrax and would buy it again. I also like to ride my Hovertrax and many passers-by ask me about it. My family and friends are also all impressed by the Hovertrax and wanted to learn to drive it immediately.

Using the return policy

If you have doubts about the purchase, it’s a good idea to order the Hovertrax online and return it if not satisfied. Among other things, that’s why the 14-day return policy for online orders exist. I recommend ordering the Hovertrax from Amazon.com, as the Hovertrax is lower-priced there and you can return it after 30 days of purchase.

Hovertrax Test

If you are asking yourself now, which Hovertrax should you buy, then I highly recommend my Hovertrax Comparison. If you would prefer not to browse through the various models and read the comparison or the individual tests, then I recommend the Hovertrax by Inventist (the founder of Hovertrax). The Swagway X1 is a solid, above-average Hovertrax, which – in spite of really good quality – is very low priced. The Swagway X1 is the test winner among Hovertrax.