Hovertrax Functionality

Many people ask how a Hovertrax actually works. In this article, the phenomenon as to how the Hovertrax operates is explained!
The Hovertrax consists mainly of a rechargeable battery, two motors – one for each wheel – and various sensors that ensure that you do not fall-over with the Hovertrax.

Controlling the Hovertrax

First I should explain how to steer the Hovertrax, there is no gas pedal or the like. You control the Hovertrax by shifting your weight forward, for example, by inclining the toes forward. This accelerates the Hovertrax. If you would like to slow down or reverse, you have to slightly shift your weight backwards. The board consists of two parts, on each part you place a foot and there is a tire with a built in motor. The two parts are connected to each other, but can be controlled independently. This means the Hovertrax can turn by shifting more weight to one side and then the motor on this side gives more gas than the other, this causes the Hovertrax to turn.


What is most fascinating about the Hovertrax is the fact that you do not tip over with the board despite leaning forward or backward. This is so thanks to gyro sensors (also called gyro), and motion sensors. These sensors provide the small built-in computer continuous information as to what position the base plate is in. If the Hovertrax’s base plate is tilted, the computer activates the wheels’ motors, which then correct the tilt accordingly. As a result, the wheels are always slightly moving, however this is not noticeable. By the way, the computer calculates hundreds times per second the position of the base plate!

But how does the Hovertrax move?

Due to shifting the weight forward, the computer regulates the tilting and activates the two motors. The result: the Hovertrax moves forward. The electric motors independently power the two wheels and is operated from the energy of the battery. That’s why you should take the warning lamp of the battery very seriously, namely, if the battery is completely empty, you can quickly fall because the Hovertrax can no longer keep the balance.

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