Learn how to ride a Hovertrax

Riding a Hovertrax is basically very simple, it only needs a bit of practice until you get the hang of it. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to wear a helmet and other protective gear, until you can control it. Otherwise there is risk of injury, especially for children. Before you use it for the first time, be sure that you know how the Hovertrax works.


In summary, it can be explained as follows: two independent motors are responsible for powering a wheel each. These are controlled by shifting body weight. You stand on the foot platform and if you slightly lean forward the Hovertrax accelerates. Conversely the Hovertrax stops or moves backward, if one leans back. You can turn by shifting more weight to one foot and then the motor on that side gets more power and the Hovertrax is able to turn. Details about how the Hovertrax works can be found in my detailed article Hovertrax functionality.

The first time

For the first trip out on the Hovertrax, you should definitely have a second person help you with stepping on and stepping off. The user can use the shoulder of the helper for support or take their hand to make it easier to maintain balance. Then you should definitely be careful not to start too quickly and also not to stop too quickly because you might otherwise fall. Generally, you should not make abrupt maneuvers.
Initially, I recommend resting on the helper for the first few meters, until you get a sense of how the Hovertrax reacts to the shifting of the body weight.


One should always look ahead to be able to see obstacles. A stick or pavement can cause you to quickly stumble so always keep an eye on the ground! Keep the arms and legs relaxed and the knees slightly bent, so that the body can better absorb small shocks and keep the control, whereby the Hovertrax remains stable and under control. The feet should always be on the foot platforms to ensure optimum stability.


Learning to drive the Hovertrax is actually not difficult, you just need a little patience. If you have the hang of it after a short practice session then it is really fun to steer and you can get going. Steering a Hovertrax is a unique experience, which you absolutely need to try! Incidentally, I recommend the test winner, the Hovertrax by Inventist (the founder of Hovertrax).