What should I be aware of when buying?

The Hovertrax is still quite new to the market. Very few people know how the Hovertrax works and everything it can or should do. Since there are now so many different suppliers and thus also many different designs and prices, it is not so easy to have an overview. Therefore, I have summarized the most important points here.

Outward appearance

An important aspect is, on the one hand, the appearance of the Hovertrax, on the other hand, the size and the weight. If the optic is not appealing, no one will want to use the board, so you should choose a Hovertrax whose appearance you like, or that you at least don’t find ugly. In addition, the size and weight play a decisive role. There are Hovertrax with a tire size of 5 inches and also some with up to 10 inches. The weight of the Hovertrax is between 7.5 kg and 12 kg. The lighter and smaller, the easier the Hovertrax can be transported. A slightly larger and heavier Hovertrax is not necessarily not as good, perhaps the better technology weighs just a bit more and take up more space. In other words, the size and weight are just one of many factors that should be considered.

Rechargeable battery

Another important point is the rechargeable battery. The battery provides the necessary power to the motors, without electricity the Hovertrax will not move. Therefore, the battery is not to be neglected. The average distance of the Hovertrax is between 10 km and 25 km per charge, depending on the model and speed. But what if the battery is empty and you really want to continue? The charging time of the battery plays a role. Some batteries are already fully recharged after 30 minutes, while others need up to two hours. This aspect should also be noted when buying.


The Hovertrax already exist in different models from different manufacturers. Not only the appearance and battery life are different, but also the possible speed limits. The Hovertrax reach speeds between 8km/h and 15km/h, which is three times as fast as the average walking speed and as fast as the average cycling speed. The speed plays a role if you would like to use it yourself and move quickly so a faster model is an option, or one buys the Hovertrax for children, and they should not drive so fast, which is why a slower model is preferred. By the way, I recommend that beginners and especially children wear protective clothing while driving the Hovertrax to prevent injury!

Price and permissible maximum weight

The price is of course a very decisive factor. There are Hovertrax ranging from $245 to $1495 on the market. Therefore, I recommend purchasing the Hovertrax on Amazon.com, because they have very good and cheap deals. Another very important aspect is the maximum allowable weight. The range for most Hovertrax is 95 kg to 120 kg. So if you weigh over 100kg, you should control that the Hovertrax ensures a corresponding permissible maximum weight. To simplify the buying decision, I have created a detailed Hovertrax comparison for you. Check it out.


Some suppliers offer certain features for the Hovertrax. Whether it is the integrated LED underbody lighting, or whether it is a carrying case for the Hovertrax, which is included free of charge with the purchase. These minor details should not be the reason for the purchasing decision, they are quite nice and also not to be neglected, because a Hovertrax with underbody lighting is something very special!